Antimicrobial Large Slide Sheet
Antimicrobial Large Slide Sheet

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Sanitized™ FLAT SLIDE SHEETS  - no handles
  • Antimicrobial protection.  Slippery silicon coated material
  • Strong, resilient and low stretch. Minimal static discharge.
  • Generous sizing allows a firm grip to be maintained by the carers
  • Soft and quiet to use and easy to handle - the sheet can be used folded or flat 
  • Water resistant - washable.  Save on landfill !
  • Write–on label system for ward or patient naming.
  • Hanging loop for ease of storage on Large Size
  • Large size suitable for use in Operating Theatres and with larger patients..
  • CE Class 1 Medical Device
  • Sizes:  Large       2 m. x 1.5 m       Colour: Aqua Blue
  •            Standard   2 m. x 71 cm.      Colour: Royal Blue
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Order Code:  SSL  /  SSS
PRICE:        Large:        £24.95 each
                     Standard:   £15.50 each

STOCK LEVEL:  In stock 


FLAT SLIDE SHEETS with Handles  (Patient Specific)                  
  • Flat Slide Sheets with webbing handles on three sides
  • Slidetex silicon coated 60 gsm nylon
  • Antibacterial and antifungal finish
  • Label for patient name
  • Wipe clean - do not wash
  • Size:  200 cm. x 71 cm .   Colour:  Red  
  • Can be used with Extension Straps - see below    Flat Sheet with handles
Order Code:  SSRH 
PRICE :   £16.50  each
Stock Level:  in stock

FLAT SLIDE SHEETS   -  with Handles  - Washable
  • Flat Slide Sheets with webbing handles on three sides
  • Slidetex silicon coated 120 gsm nylon
  • Antibacterial and antifungal finish
  • Washable including industrial washing.Flat Slide Sheet with Handles
  • Size:  200 cm. x 71 cm .   Colour:  Blue
  • Can be used with  Extension Straps  - see below
Order Code:  SSBH
PRICE :      £19.95  each           
STOCK LEVEL:  In stock

EXTENSION STRAPS for Slide Sheets with Handles
  • Flat webbing strap with a loop at each end.
  • Use to help supine transfers from bed to bed or bed to trolley etc.
  • Attach by passing one of the loops through a handle of a flat slide sheet and then pass it through the other looped handle and pull tight. 
  • Allows carers to maintain a more comfortable position during a transfer. Reduces over-reaching and stretching.
  • Washable
  • Length:  90 cm.
Order Code:  XSS                              Extension Strap for Slide Sheets
PRICE :      £4.50  each           
STOCK LEVEL:  In stock

Slidetex     SLIDE GLOVES

Slidetex  Antibacterial and Antifungal nylon fingerless gloves with a slip free lining.
Supplied in pairs.  Washable.
Slide Gloves can be used for a variety of small turning and positioning moves.
Can be used by a single carer to move a client across a bed - moving the feet,
then buttocks,then shoulders and head.   
Can also be used as a dressing aid. Fits over arm or leg to ease putting on clothing. Slidetex Gloves
Use in conjunction with a hoist or lifting aid to reduce shearing and ease movements.

Order Code:  SGS
PRICE:  £ 15.75 per pair  
STOCK LEVEL:  In stock               

Slidetex Gloves



  • Tubular Slide Sheets in Slidetex ™ Antibaterial, Antifungal Nylon
  • Hemmed on open edges. The open edge is the longer dimension.
  • High slip for ease of use
  • Ideal for all moving and handling manoeuvres and for use with a transfer board
  • Washable to 71 degrees                                                           
-  71 cm. x 70 cm.                Price:  £15.95
              (Order Code:  MTS)           Mini Tubular Slide Sheet
              Large  - 71 cm. x 145 cm.            Price:  £23.95
              (Order Code:  LTS)          
             Extra Large - 100 cm. x 200 cm. 
Price:  £47.70
             (Order Code: XLTS)  

STOCK LEVEL:  In stock

Size Choice

Patient Handling UK  Large and Extra Large Tubular Slide Sheets are used to move a  patient/client up or across a bed, to sit them up, to turn them and to help them get out of bed without pulling at the patient's body, arms or legs, and without the carer having to lift. 
Large and Extra Large Tubular Sheets  are made from a strong nylon material which slides on itself and is suitable for use with a heavier or bariatric patient as well as with an average sized patient. 
The fabric is sewn into a long roller band and is wide enough for the patient to lie on.
The Large and Extra Large Tubular Sheet are a generous length which will reach from under the shoulders to the calf of an average person.  If additional length is required use a separate slide sheet under the feet to aid the movement.

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